Our eyes provide us vision to a fascinating world, it allows us to see the stunning view of nature and incredible structures. Hence, we feel that protecting the eyes is of utmost importance.

We aspire to create eyewear that not only safeguards the eyes, but also serve as a fashion statement. Express your style through our deluxe selection of eyewear.

We believe that a good pair of eyewear needs to have a elegant feel and be durable at the same time. Therefore, we only use high quality materials to handcraft our eyewear. We refine it through a tedious process which includes trimming, sanding, polishing, assembling, engraving, quality assessment and many more stages.


Protect with style. There is no reason not to look good while safeguarding your eyes.


Our eyewear are handcrafted with precise engineering. Every piece is built meticulously to create a robust and comfortable eyewear.